Golf Course

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Membership Player Cards
Montgomery County Residents – Sr. $350
Montgomery County Residents – Reg. $400
Non-County Residents – Sr. $400
Non-Country Residents – Reg. $450
Weekday Rates W/ Card – 9 Holes $10
Weekday Rates W/ Card – 18 Holes $20
Weekend Rates W/ Card – 9 Holes $12
Weekend Rates W/ Card – 18 Holes $22.50

All Player Card Green Fees Include Cart (Rates are Half of the Normal Green Fees).

Player Card Holders are considered members and can make Tee Times 7 days in advance.

Policy for Membership Deferment:
For any member to receive a full deferment of their membership to the next season documentation of a serious medical condition must be presented to the Chair of the Golf Commission within 60 days after the official opening of the golf course. The Golf Commission reserves the right to request additional medical information if needed. In addition, this policy does not pertain or cover cart storage.

Green Fees

(All rates per player)

With Cart With Member Card
M-F 9 Holes $14 $22 $10
M-F 18 Holes $25 $40 $20
Weekend/Holidays 9 Holes $16 $24 $12
Weekend/Holidays 18 Holes $30 $45 $22.50
Twilight Rate @4pm 7 Days $15 $20 N/A
Senior/Military Weekdays 9 Holes $20
Senior/Military Weekdays 18 Holes $30
League 9 Holes $20 per person
Cart Fees

(Rates are per rider)


9 Holes $8
18 Holes  $15

Season Rental



Cart Storage

Single Owner $400
2 Owner $600
Other Fees
Season Locker Rental $50
GHIN Handicap $25


**All fees are to be paid in full at the time of purchase. There will be no partial payments.

Policies & Procedure


In accordance with NYSLA laws… no outside alcohol may be brought onto the property… all beverages including soft drinks must be purchased from either the pro shop or clubhouse… in an effort to make policing this process easier, outside coolers will not be allowed on the course or patio. Coolers will be available for use from the clubhouse and discounts will be offered for volume purchases and ice will be available. The”Bev Cart” will be available 7 days a week and water fountains are available on the course. 

Any coolers found will be taken and held int he pro shop until the end of the round…At no point will coolers be allowed to be brought back to vehicles. Coolers may be allowed under special circumstances such as medical or dietary needs No outside beverages will be allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with the G.M. or the Golf Commission. 

All players must register int he Pro shop prior to playing any part of the course. The Pro Shop reserves the right to pair-up all groups less than a foursome. On Weekends/Holidays all 2-somes will be paired to a foursome if possible. All groups will consist o no more than 4 players unless prior approval has been given by the pro shop…this approval will be on a case by case basis and any groups of more than 4 players may be asked to split if pace or play is compromised, 9 holes should be played within 2 hours and 18 hours within 4 hours…during busy times a ranger will monitor pace of play and may ask slower groups to move to an advanced position or to let faster groups to play through. The Pro Shop reserves the right to remove any player/players that cannot keep pace of play or are deemed unfit for play on the course…no refund will be given in this instance. 

Non-Annual fee payers will be required to give a credit card to reserve tee times. if the reserved time results in any no-shows, the full amount of the applicable fees will be charged to the card. Annual fee payers will have 7 days in advance to make tee times and non0annual fee payers will have 5 days. Requests for tee times of more than 8 players may require additional information/stipulations. Tee times can be made by visiting the Pro shop, over the phone or through the golf course website. 

G.M. / Pro or Superintendent may deem the course unfit to play at any time due to conditions and or weather. In such instances, no play is permitted on the course. If the course is closed during any round, arrangements may be made for play at a later time…this will be at the discretion fo the Pro Shop. 

All annual fees, cart fees, handicap fees & locker rentals must be paid in full before use can begin. Fees may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Once fees have been paid, no refunds or deferments will be allowed. A convenience fee of 2% will be added to all credit card transactions. 


No more than 2 people are allowed to ride on a cart. As part of our “Green Initiative,” players will be asked to ride 2 to a cart to limit single riders. A valid drivers license is required to rent a cart of use a private cart. Private carts are limited to 2 owners/users. Only cart owners/users/annual renter may use/ride on a cart without paying a cart fee. Any non-golfer riding in a private or rented cart is subject to a cart fee to fulfill insurance requirements. 

Any special cart rules (cart path only/90 degree rule) will be posted when needed… failure to obey these rules may result in removal from the course and possible loss or privilege if the problem persists. Any course employee or golf commission members who see violations has the ability to remedy the situation. If the violation results in t removal from the course, no refunds will be given. 


USGA rules will govern all play except where modified by local rules. A list of local rules can be found on the back of the scorecard or a copy may be obtained in the Pro Shop. It is the responsibility of each golfer to… replace divots, fix/repair ball marks, rake & smooth sand traps and do their part respectively to ensure the character and playability of the course. 

Pace of play shall be maintained so that no group is more than 2 shots behind the group in front of them. If any group or player falls more than 2 shots behind, they may be asked to pick up and move to a spot, further along, to catch up. If necessary, players may be asked to pick up and move to a spot, further along, to catch up. If necessary, players may be asked to let faster groups play through. In the event that any of these remedies do not work, players may be asked to leave the course without refund. 

Stoppage for play any reason after 9 holes is not recommended. Any player/groups stopping for any reason on “the turn” may lose their starting position of the 10th tee. If stopping, players are asked to notify the Pro Shop. The Pro Shop will direct the players as to when they can resume play on the 10th tee. If proceeding to the 10th tee is not feasible, the result could be returning to the 1st tee again. 

Dress Code

Shirts with collars or approved golf tops are required for play. No cut-off shorts or inappropriate bottoms are allowed. t is the discretion of the Prop Shop as to appropriate clothing for play. No wor boots or any other heavy-duty footwear will be allowed on the course. Amsterdam Municipal is a metal spike-free facility…soft spikes only. Inappropriately dressed golfers will be asked to change prior to playing…disregard to these rules will result in forfeiture of privileges and asked to leave without refund. 


No refunds or deferments will be allowed. Any appeals of this policy will be addressed by the Golf Commission.

No rain checks will be issued once a green fee or cart fee has been paid. 

Disciplinary Action

Golfers may be refused privileges or removed from the course by members of the Golf Commission, GM/Prop or his or her designee for: 

– Submitting false information to obtain golf/cart privileges

– Playing without paying appropriate fee or registering in the Pro Shop

– Obvious inability to play golf or maintain position on the course

– Intoxication, disorderly conduct, use of profanity or any behavior that affects the normal operation of the course 

-Failure to comply with existing rules & regulations pertaining to the governance of play, practice, use of golf cart, dress policy or conduct. 

Situations not covered under these rules are left to the discretion of the Golf Commission, GM/Pro or his or her designee. 



Phone: 518-627-2800

PGA Professional: Kevin Canale